Compulsory t-bar shoes for these schoolgirls

Many schools have banned girls from wearing t-bar shoes for safety reasons. Rockhampton Girls’ Grammar School has done the opposite – t-bar shoe are compulsory.

Rockhampton Girls Grammar uniform with Clarks Ingrid t-bar shoes

Click to access 03_02_August_Newsletter.pdf

August 2014


There were several catalysts leading to the change from Lynx lace up school shoes to Clarks ‘Ingrid’ buckle shoes. The most important of these is safety. The Rockhampton Girls Grammar School campus poses unique challenges, being nestled on the hillside of ‘The Range’. These
environmental factors include:

  • Undulating ground, with quite steep hills
  • 429 External steps, and 419 internal steps
  • Steps which vary in depth and height
  • Students moving from location to location for specialist classes

Lace up shoes pose too great a threat to Health and Safety on our campus.

Clarks is an extremely robust brand of school shoe designed to properly support growing feet. Below is a summary of the features of the
Clarks Ingrid school shoe:

  • Girls school shoe with a buckle fastening and laser cut design.
  • Features include full leather upper with synthetic lining. Leather uppers allow the foot to breathe and are the preferred upper material to ensure healthy foot development.
  • Toe stitched onto sole unit for extra bond strength.
  • Sole unit built using Stroebel construction for maximum flexibility and comfort.
  • Extended firm heel counter for extra support.
  • Full length removable moulded leather footbed, contoured for added underfoot comfort. This will allow for comfortable fitting of Orthotics.
  • Available in whole and half sizes and a range of width fittings.

Imitation Mary Jane shoes do not share these features. The Clarks Ingrid shoe is recommended by podiatrists and addresses very real concerns for student health, comfort and safety. These will be a compulsory uniform
item in 2015.


Rockhampton Girls Grammar uniform with laceup shoes

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