Royal blue at Loreto Mandeville Hall

Winter at Loreto Mandeville Hall the school is a sea of royal blue from head to toe. Blazer, jumper, skirt and tights – all are in royal blue. The only exception is a white and blue striped blouse, and black school shoes.

Schoolgirls wearing t-bars, sitting in the year 12 common room.

High school girl walking into the common room

Sitting down at lunch, one girl in lace up shoes is outnumbered by her t-bar wearing classmates.

High school girls sitting down at lunch

This girl sitting on the bench plays with her shoe buckle.

Loreto Mandeville Hall girl in winter uniform plays with her t-bar school shoe

Schoolgirls sitting on stools. All but one girl is wearing t-bars. The odd one out is wearing Doc Martins. The girl in the background had taken off her shoes. And the girl on tip toes is wearing something rare – a pair of Gallaz t-bars.

Loreto Mandeville Hall girls in winter uniform chat at a bench


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