Nagle College, Bairnsdale

The girls at Nagle College in Bairnsdale have not been allowed to wear t-bar school shoes since 2015. They wear white ankle socks with their summer dress, and either white socks or black tights with their winter skirt.

Nagle College winter uniform with laceup shoes

Nagle College summer uniform with t-bars school shoes

Click to access Uniform_Guidelines_2015.pdf

Uniform Guidelines 2015

Footwear: Black leather lace up school shoes (for girls and boys), or leather dress shoes (for boys) are to be
worn during school hours and whenever the School Uniform is worn. All shoes must be of an approved style.
Footwear should be polished regularly and be well maintained. Basketball boots, skate shoes or other types of sports or casual shoes are not permitted. The T‐Bar shoes for girls are no longer approved Nagle College

Over on the TRFM Facebook page, mums have been discussing the ban.

Julie Nicholes
They have been banned at Nagle College in Bairnsdale for two years now

Debbie Coady
Geez they were the only shoes they wore when my kids went there

Julie Nicholes
Debbie my daughter started year 7 that year it started and wasn’t impressed…

Kellie Matthey Svetlik
Nagle stopped having t bars a couple of years ago. Hadn’t heard about deodorants

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