St Aloysius College’s new uniform

In 2015 Melbourne’s St Aloysius College introduced a new school uniform. The same blue theme was retained, but with the previous tartan patterns replaced by a modern pinstripe look.

St Aloysius College - new summer uniform

St Aloysius College - new summer uniform with blazer

Throughout time, the uniform has changed dramatically, featuring such trends as lengthening and shortening of hemlines, improved footwear and additional accessories. Throughout the 128 years history of St. Aloysius College, the uniform has changed with the trends of fashion; adapting shorter skirts, dresses, new patterns, styles and colors.

The new summer dress is light blue with a darker pinstripe, the new winter skirt is a dark blue with light pinstripe, and the updated navy blazer now has piping along the edges.

The previous blazer was plain blue, matched with a dark blue tartan winter skirt, and a light blue tartan summer dress.

St Aloysius College - old summer uniform


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