Fintona Girls’ School trademarked their summer dress design

T-bar school shoes are on the uniform list at Fintona Girls’ School, where the young ladies pair them with white socks in summer, and navy blue tights or long socks in winter.

Fintona girls in t-bars and summer uniform

Their summer dress has a distinctive design, which has been trademarked.

Trade Mark : 728084
Lodgement Date: 19FEB1997
Owner/s: Fintona Girls’ School
ACN/ARBN: 004534687

Class 25: Dresses including school dresses

Endorsements: The trade mark consists of the following features of appearance of a dress:

(i) a BLUE and WHITE “Bengal” stripe on thebodice, sleeves and skirt; and
(ii) a WHITE collar, WHITE sleeve cuffs, a WHITE placket to the waist and a pair of WHITE half belt tabs and a BLUE and WHITE diagonal “Bengal” stripe piping applied to the periphery of each of the foregoing WHITE elements.

These features are shown in the accompanying representations.

Fintona has trademarked their summer dress design


19 FEB 1997: New Trade Mark Application
30 JUL 1998: Applications Lapsed and Withdrawn (Lapsed)
01 AUG 2005: transfer CPI details to DEAD CPI File


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