Trashed t-bar school shoes

T-bar school shoes sure take a beating. Girls wear them five days a week for the entire school year!

There are many reasons to get your t-bar shoes buckled up. You won’t shuffle your feet along the ground. That wears out the soles of your shoes.

Harrison t-bars with worn and scuffed soles

If you don’t you’ll get holes in the bottom, and wet feet in winter

Harrison t-bars with a hole in the worn and scuffed soles

Shuffling alters your gait, bending your shoe more than normal. Keep at it, and eventually the stitching between the sole and the shoe upper will break.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with a hole between the sole and upper

All that shuffling can scuff also the toes of the shoe.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with scuffed toes

Shoe polish can’t fix the worst scuffing.

Schoolgirl wearing a scuffed pair of Harrison Idaho t-bars with white socks

Incorrectly fitted shoes mean feet slide around inside the shoe, wearing it away.

Harrison Indiana t-bars with the inside of the heel worn away

Lunchtimes spent sitting crosslegged on the asphalt result in scuffed patches on the side of the shoe.

Harrison Idaho t-bar with scuffed sides

But keeping your shoes buckled up won’t prevent the strap breaking.

Wilde t-bars with a broken strap

With nothing left to do up, this pair of Wilde t-bar school shoes is destined for a life of shuffling around unbuckled.

Wilde t-bars with a broken strap

Chasing brown school shoes in Melbourne

There aren’t many schools in Melbourne that have brown shoes as part of their uniform. So finding brown school shoes is hard, as this mum discovered.

Brown Harrison Idaho t-bar in the shop window

February 2nd 2014

Shu Way – Shoes At Bargain Prices
Jeni Wilson

This shopping feat of finding cheap brown school shoes is getting tougher to achieve. I was told by Shu-way that many of the manufacturers are thinking about stopping the production of brown school shoes. I hope they tell the schools that have them as core uniform that they are phasing them out.

I have been going to Shu-way In Macleod for ten years, having four kids needing brown shoes. I have rung around to find somewhere closer to no avail. Even the outlets that have several shoe stores do not stock them.

In addition to brown school shoes they also stock men’s, women’s, children’s, formal, casual and fitness footwear, along with slippers and baby shoes.

Shu-way has been located in Macleod for forty years. It is near La Trobe Uni and the West Heidelberg factories, but not near many other retail stores. This out of the way shoe shop always seems to have specials.

MELBOURNIANS! omg does any1 know where BROWN t-bar school shoes/sandal are sold?

Found on Yahoo Answers.

The classic brown T-bar..


Q: MELBOURNIANS! omg does any1 know where BROWN t-bar school shoes/sandal are sold?

everyone has them BUT IN BLACK! i know they sell them… i think the brand is Harrison’s but they definitely don’t sell them a lot anymore! they have that cut out pattern on the arch/toes bit and a buckle.
sorry this is the photo of them i could find…..IN BLACK!

A: I know exactly what you mean.. but can’t think of where to get them… not many Melbourne schools have a brown uniform anymore… so maybe that’s why they’re hard to find? Try somewhere that stocks ‘Clarks’ shoes… or a shoe shop near Sienna College (the private school with a brown uniform), they might have them? If you have small feet you might be able to find them in a (large) kiddies size somewhere. Good luck in your hunting!
I think my sister had some of them back in the primary school days…
Salski · 7 years ago

A: yeah either in Myer or David Jones
but you have to go to the kids section because well there for school
you can also try like williams?

but they might just have black
wow.natalie · 7 years ago