Chasing brown school shoes in Melbourne

There aren’t many schools in Melbourne that have brown shoes as part of their uniform. So finding brown school shoes is hard, as this mum discovered.

Brown Harrison Idaho t-bar in the shop window

February 2nd 2014

Shu Way – Shoes At Bargain Prices
Jeni Wilson

This shopping feat of finding cheap brown school shoes is getting tougher to achieve. I was told by Shu-way that many of the manufacturers are thinking about stopping the production of brown school shoes. I hope they tell the schools that have them as core uniform that they are phasing them out.

I have been going to Shu-way In Macleod for ten years, having four kids needing brown shoes. I have rung around to find somewhere closer to no avail. Even the outlets that have several shoe stores do not stock them.

In addition to brown school shoes they also stock men’s, women’s, children’s, formal, casual and fitness footwear, along with slippers and baby shoes.

Shu-way has been located in Macleod for forty years. It is near La Trobe Uni and the West Heidelberg factories, but not near many other retail stores. This out of the way shoe shop always seems to have specials.

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