You can take the girl out of school

You can take the girl out of school, but you can’t take away her memories of t-bar school shoes.

the satchel's fweind - schoolgirl's t-bars

I bought these brown leather schoolgirl’s T-bars* (they are real standard-issue footwear for some schools here) last month to wear with thick woollen socks, cuffed at the ankles or knee-high, when the weather gets cold in the next few months.

Quite similar to what I used to wear to the all-girl school that I attended more than 20 years ago.

It was a set of uniform that wasn’t designed to be worn in hot and humid Singapore (before classrooms were air-conditioned) – a loose navy blue pinafore with three huge box pleats running down the front and the back, belted at the waist, over a white short-sleeved blouse. With white socks, folded, and white canvas shoes.

We used to run around without the mandatory belt – we had to let air in under those layers somehow, and getting those box pleats to sit all neat and tidy under the belt was hell! Very often, we were sent to the headmistress’ office by prefects for breaking the “uniform” rule.

When I finished high school, I didn’t think I’d want to wear another pinafore-like thing for a long time but I did. And always without a restricting belt.

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