Multi-coloured t-bar school shoes

Any colour you like as long as it is black – that is what the original Harrison t-bar school shoes are known for. But Wilde, a manufacture of very similar t-bar shoe, you can pick any colour you like.

Selection of multicoloured 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

In 2012 they released their ‘Jenny’ t-bar school in six new colours.

‘Cobalt’ blue.

Cobalt blue 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Pink 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Purple 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


White 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde


Yellow 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

And red.

Red 'Jenny' t-bars by Wilde

Pity they don’t seem to be available any more. 😦

Established back in 1998, Wilde has created the perfect expression of affordable fashion footwear with market leading attention to quality, comfort and value all with a designer inspired point of view.


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