Pretty in Pink (t-bar shoes that is)

Black t-bar school shoes are a dime a dozen. Brown ones are a little rarer. But PINK t-bars?

Fashion Hayley shows off her pink t-bar shoes

Say hi to Miss Hayley. Her shoes are ‘Jenny’ by Wilde.


On the weekend I bought my second pair of these colourful school uniform shoes (in purple and for 50% off), this pink pair was my first and I realised I’ve never blogged them before. In Australia these t-bar style shoes are the shoe of choice for most school uniforms in both primary and secondary school, of course only in brown, black or navy not pink or purple. I fell in love with these colourful ones as soon as I saw them at iShoes on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy over a year ago, I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to blog them. I love reworking traditional styles of clothing in unexpected ways.

As to the rest of her look.

I never had a school uniform growing up, my primary school and both my high schools were inner city public schools without uniforms for whatever reason. Not having a uniform I used to look at the other kids on the tram in their matching school uniforms and feel sorry for them. There I was in my 90s ‘grunger’ outfit consisting of red flared pants with faux fur triangles, a tie-dye purple slip skirt over the top of the pants and a vintage diy cropped band t-shirt with my midriff exposed.

Essentially my outfit was the exact opposite of a boring ol’ uniform but part of me thought the uniforms were rather cute, especially the pinafore dresses of a local private school. So when I saw this cute pink love heart print pinafore dress on ASOS I immediately bought it and put together a look which is in part school uniform inspired – a kawaii school uniform if you will.

Nice combo, don’t you think?

Fashion Hayley shows off her pink t-bar shoes

1 thought on “Pretty in Pink (t-bar shoes that is)

  1. I love them and think they look ace, I wish I bought them when I had the chance a while back, Looking for a 12 if u have any sources, I bought Black and their so comfy

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