Nostalgia for t-bar school shoes at Siena College

The girls at Siena College reminisce about the days they were allowed to wear t-bars with their school uniform – the class of 2008 were the last.

Siena College class of 2008 in summer uniform and t-bars

If you had the power to change one thing about the Siena uniform what would it be?
I know everyone would expect me to say t-bars, but what I find more annoying is the fact we can’t wear colour ribbons. Seriously, the senior school don’t even wear green. We should at least be able to wear cream, or even brown…

Veritas Issue 1, 2009

I had the best dream last night. I dreamt that t-bars were allowed to be apart of the uniform again. So this morning I put on my old t-bars, about to walk out of the house for possibly the best school day of year 12, and my sister walks around the corner of the kitchen and was like “why are you wearing t-bars”. I was like well obviously you missed hearing Marie’s voice over the loudspeaker at the end of yesterday telling the whole student body that lace ups are banned and t-bars have been freely supplied to every student. I told Gabrielle I didn’t need a free pair because I was just keeping my old pair, and trying to do my bit for the planet. Gabrielle then convinced me it was a dream and I swapped shoes and walked out the front door with the similar hollow, empty, unfulfilling feeling that comes with wearing lace ups.

The uniform featured brown school shoes, a pink dress and fawn knee socks in summer, and a brown skirt with brown tights in winter.

1 thought on “Nostalgia for t-bar school shoes at Siena College

  1. I find it ridiculous that a school would ban such a shoe, Take a look at uk schools, Many girls wear them and theirs no issue’s, The school only has to insist their buckled, Not difficult really.
    Allow girls to be girls, Will they ban dresses next?

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