Melbourne Girls College

Melbourne Girls College banned t-bars at the start of 2011. The girls wear white socks with their summer uniform, and black tights with their winter uniform.

Melbourne Girls College summer uniform with t-bars

03 February 2011

Remember: NO T-Bar Shoes

Black lace up school shoes ONLY are to be worn. The College’s uniform supplier, Bob Stewart, stocks the following shoes:

Clarks “Infinity”
Clarks “Daytona”
Clarks “24 Seven”
Harrison “Iowa”
If purchasing shoes from other suppliers please ensure they resemble the above mentioned shoes.

2 May 2012

Full winter uniform is required from Monday 29th of April. It is important that all students have either black tights (not sheer stockings) or long white socks. Shoes must be black leather school shoes (not boots) with laces as listed in the school planner.

Students are not permitted to wear non uniform items (including scarves) and these will be confiscated should this occur. These requirements apply to travel to and from school and whilst at school. The blazer is a compulsory part of the school uniform and should be worn to and from school on a daily basis.


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