Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College

Girls at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College wear white socks with their summer dresses, and either blue socks or tights with their winter kilts. They have been reminded to buckle their t-bars on a regular basis.

MFGSC summer uniform

16 June 2011

The shoes are to be black school shoes, either: black lace-up school shoes or T Bars. Ballet shoes are not school shoes and are not to be worn to school. T Bar shoes must be buckled at all times due to Occupational, Health and Safety requirements. As a staff team, this will be closely monitored. Students need to remember that “your actions count.” This can be demonstrated by wearing appropriate uniform.

12 November 2009

For health and safety reasons it is most important that these shoes are fastened at all times. The College Council is currently considering removing T bar shoes from the school uniform as students persist on wearing them undone which is very unsafe.

15 May 2008

Shoes that are not secured correctly cause slips and falls that result in student injury. The number of students wearing broken shoes is causing us considerable concern. T-Bars that are pushed down at the back and that have broken buckles are very dangerous on our stairs. We ask all families to ensure that the shoes worn to school are in good order and done up correctly


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