Camberwell Girls Grammar School

Camberwell Girls Grammar School banned t-bar school shoes for older girls from Term 1, 2013 onwards. With brown shoes being required, various Harrison lace ups are the most popular, along with the various copycat brands. Girls wear white socks with their summer dress, and either fawn socks or tights with their winter skirt.

Camberwell Girls Grammar School brown t-bars

Camberwell Girls Grammar brown school shoes with fawn socks or tights for winter uniform

10 February 2012

Uniform Review
T-Bar shoes to be abolished.
All students entering the school in 2012 will wear brown lace-up shoes. All current students are to be in lace-ups from Term 1, 2013.

26 October 2012

School Shoes
Please be aware that as of Term 1 2013 ALL students from Year 5 – Year 12 are to be in brown lace up shoes. T- Bar shoes will no longer be acceptable. Girls in Prep to Grade 4 can wear brown Lady Jane style shoes with either a velcro or buckle fastening.

Younger girls are still allowed to wear buckle shoes.

A reminder that ‘T-Bar’ style school shoes are no longer an acceptable form of foot wear. Senior school students are to wear lace-up style shoes only. Students attending the Junior School can wear either lace-up shoes or ‘Lady Jane’ style shoes with buckle or Velcro.


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