Brown t-bars at Kilbreda College, Mentone

Kilbreda College Mentone banned t-bar school shoes from Term 1, 2007 onwards. Having to wear brown school shoes instead of the more common black, various Harrison lace ups are the most popular, along with the various copycat brands.

March 2006

Buying new school shoes in the holidays? Don’t forget that dark brown lace-ups are now regulation. All girls are expected to be wearing lace-ups in 2007.

April 2006

Please ensure that your daughter’s Winter uniform is
correct before she wears it. This includes brown lace up shoes (when replacing T-bar shoes)

October 2006

In 2005 the College notified parents that parts of the school uniform would be changing in 2007. All students from Years 7-12 are reminded that lace up shoes will be required. This term is the final term for T-bars

November 2006

Keeping Up Appearances – Facing up to Lacing Up
In 2005 the word went out that Kilbreda was changing to lace up shoes. As we approach that dead-line students are attempting to prolong the lives of their T-bar shoes. Electrical tape and masking tape are appearing as students refuse to send their shoes to T-bar heaven. The school is not being well served by students who refuse to consider ‘keeping up appearances’.

February 2007

The staff are grateful to see families who supported our change to lace up shoes. From discussions last year the staff feel it is imperative to insist upon school uniform being worn correctly.


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